About Jeff Lockhart

As a New Zealander I have been searching for my own personal identity. Although we may in the past have been encouraged to look to genetic links in other parts of the world for an identity, I have found myself looking more closely at these Pacific Islands we live in and the geographic and cultural region that exists here. Who am i is embodied, to a large extent, on where I live and therefore on the way people have seen the Pacific over numerous generations.

I am trying to show the layers of time and space, as well as to show the connections between them. Windows allow glimpses into time that has gone before as well as avenues to see the present, or perhaps glimpse the future. What we are today is influenced by what has gone before and so layers are visible in the work.

I have been teaching Art in secondary schools for the past eighteen years and have been involved as a NZQA national moderator for a large number of those.

I have also worked as a Visual Arts Advisor to Secondary Schools, in Auckland and Northland, for TEAM Solutions, through the Auckland College of Education. At present I am the Principal of the Auckland branch of Natcoll Design College.

Teaching for eight years at Wesley College, South Auckland, was a turning point as my knowledge of Maori and Pacific Island art increased to suit the needs of the students I was working with.

Jeff Lockhart