School's Out
Name: School's Out
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Marks of Time
Name: Marks of Time
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Standing Tall (Brown)
Name: Standing Tall…
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Journeying (Framed)
Name: Journeying…
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Raising Hope (Framed)
Name: Raising Hope…
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Jeff Lockhart - New Zealand Pasifika Artist.

Brought up on a rich diet of stories and images about the Pacific from a step father who taught in Samoa, to family who worked in Fiji and Samoa, and my own travels in the Pacific, my early life had a strong connection with the Pacific region.

Personal observations are embodied in the work along with invented symbols that add to a narrative and add to my understanding of 'place'. My work is influenced by Tapa designs, tatau, symbols, motifs and colours of the Pacific as well as by the land and flora around us.

I have always felt a strong sense of connection with the Pacific Region and I am fascinated by the links between the peoples of the area through space and time.

Supported and inspired by Fatu Feu'u, New Zealands leading Pacific Artist, I have continued to develop my work in the style I feel most comfortable with.